What is Direct Selling?

Direct selling is a form of retailing where products and services are marketed to consumers via an ‘Independent Sales Consultant’ (I.S.C.).

There are approximately 350,000 I.S.C.’s engaged with direct selling organisations in Australia, with total sales exceeding AUD$1.1 Billion in this country.

The direct selling channel offers an alternative to traditional employment for those wanting or needing a flexible opportunity to supplement household income. Many can develop very fulfilling careers when they choose to pursue their direct selling businesses, sharing the opportunity and the benefits with others.

Start-up costs in direct selling are typically low. Usually, a modestly priced presentation kit is all that’s needed to get started, and there is little, or no inventory or other cash commitment required to begin. This stands in contrast to many other businesses where the cost and risk associated require much larger outlays.

Consumers acquiring products from direct sellers benefit from the convenience and service provided, including personal demonstrations and explanations of the benefits and value of the products on offer, the convenience of home delivery, and generous satisfaction guarantees.

As independent research shows, direct selling has a positive benefit to the Australian economy and provides a supplementary income and social/lifestyle opportunity to hundreds of thousands of people, as well as serving consumers with a convenient source of quality products.

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