Complaint Resolution

While it is rare that consumers or independent sales consultants (ISCs) lodge complaints against our members or their representatives, we are ready to assist you if the need arises. Our self-regulatory processes require that our member companies and their independent sales consultants comply with our Code of Practice. If you feel a member company is engaging in a business practice you believe to be illegal or violating our Code of Practice (to which every member must adhere), we recommend the steps below.

Step 1

Please try to resolve the matter directly with your company.

Your complaint should be in writing to the member company and include the following points:

  • Specific details of the issue with dates;
  • Parties involved;
  • Any responses the other parties made to resolve the matter;
  • Current status of the complaint and;
  • How you would like to see the issue resolved or remedied.

Further suggestions:

  • If possible, identify the specific clause in the Code of Practice you feel was not adhered to, and;
  • We advise that you consult the terms and conditions of your agreement with the Member company.

Step 2

If the complaint is not resolved by the member to your satisfaction within ten clear business days it may be submitted to us directly via the form below.

If the complaint is not resolved by us to your satisfaction within 20 business days and it is the view that the Member has not engaged in sanctionable conduct, we will advise of alternate dispute resolution services.

If the complaint is of a commercial nature and as such, not covered by the self-regulatory Code, we will inform you in writing.

By filling in the form linked to the button below, you are agreeing to permit us to contact the Member company on your behalf.

Your complaint will be managed by Direct Selling Australia, in conjunction with our Code Administrator (if required). The Code Administrator is an external expert appointed under the Constitution for the purposes of the Code.