Code of Practice

Compliance with the Code of Practice is an ongoing requirement of Direct Selling Australia membership. Through our Code of Practice, members commit to high standards of ethics in their business dealings. The Code establishes ground rules for dealing with consumers and potential direct sellers which promotes informed decision-making in an environment of increased confidence and transparency.

The Code of Practice gives peace of mind and protection to direct sellers and consumers. Sellers who represent our Members must also comply with the Code of Practice thereby contributing to an ethical marketplace based on robust consumer protection standards. The Code complements the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and offers additional protection and assurances for individuals who interact with our Members.

In addition, the Code of Practice provides a reliable and impartial system for resolving issues.

The Code of Practice ensures that Direct Selling Australia Members must:

  • Provide proper contracts which include contract cancellation rights for the direct seller
  • Not require or encourage a direct seller to unreasonably purchase inventory
  • Repurchase on reasonable terms any marketable inventory held by a direct seller
  • Provide the direct seller with adequate training to comply with the requirements of the law and Code

The Code of Practice ensures that Independent Sales Consultants of our Members must:

  • Be open and transparent in their recruitment and presentation of the business opportunity
  • Provide appropriate information about the product
  • Only contact customers at specified times
  • Inform the customer if a product is not delivered with seven days after an agreed date

The Code of Practice ensures that consumers of our Members:

  • Will not receive false or misleading claims concerning a products standard, quality or performance
  • Receive a copy of an agreement for the supply of a product
  • Receive sufficient time to examine and be satisfied with any contractual documentations
  • Receive a cooling off period for all transactions of up to 10 business days

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