Direct Selling Organisation Membership

There are numerous benefits to becoming a DSO member of Direct Selling Australia.

Member Benefits


A major member benefit and our main priority is our advocacy work. We are constantly working with government and regulatory agencies to ensure our members and their independent sales consultants are supported in the Australian market. We work with several law firms who specialise in Direct Selling advice. We also work with public affair consultants NorthStar.
Our Legal and Policy Committee meets regularly to ensure we are ahead of and acting on any current or future legislative or administrative changes.

Industry Credibility

Direct Selling Australia has been established in Australia for over 55 years and is a highly respected institution in direct selling circles around the world. Feedback from independents sales consultants in our members organisations tells us they highly value the ‘trust credibility’ the Direct Selling Australia logo/branding provides them and their customers.

Member Interaction

Our industry is very collegiate and supportive amongst members. Direct selling executives enjoy the ability to connect and frequently interact on both an informal and formal basis at our events.

Board Support

We have an influential Board of nine directors who are executives from member companies. They care about, are highly engaged in and very supportive of our industry.

Supplier Support and Interaction

We have approximately 45 supplier members who are well versed in Direct Selling culture and provide valuable support to our members. We vet the suppliers frequently to ensure we have the highest calibre of support available.

Member Events

We host a variety of events annually, including Webinars, our Annual Conference, and Member Connect meetings. These provide a valuable opportunity to stay up to date with industry news and important updates, as well as mix and interact with your industry peers.

Membership Fee Calculator

To become a Member of Direct Selling Australia, you have to agree to our Code of Practice and Constitution. You also need to pay a Membership Fee at the start of our financial year (April 1 to March 31).

For more details on the benefits of membership, please refer to the Information Kit below.