Supplier Membership

Supplier Members of DSA are organisations and individuals who provide products and/or services to the direct selling industry.


Applicants for Supplier Membership need to be recommended by a DSO Member (direct selling organisation) and have a working relationship with them. Supplier Members commit to comply with our Constitution and pay an annual subscription.

The application procedure for DSA Supplier Membership involves a process of due diligence. When this has been successfully completed the application is submitted to the our Board of Directors for approval.

In the application form below you will be asked to:

  • Provide information about your business
  • Nominate a DSA Member to act as referee to support your application (if applicable)
  • Commit to comply with the DSA Constitution
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee of AUD$250.00. Payments can be made by Credit Card/PayPal

Benefits Include

  • Interaction with direct selling community in Australia.
  • Promotion of your business on our website.
  • Attendance to our Events.
  • Option for sponsorship and/or exhibition at our Events.
  • Use of our logo to promote your membership and commitment to the industry.
  • Option to submit content for our monthly newsletters.

Membership Fee

$950 (inc GST) per year.